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Monday, March 29, 2010


This is such an important topic! I admit that since getting an iphone, the temptation to text while driving is there, but the dangers are so great! I have twenty-somethings working for me and traveling for me. I'm always concerned that they will text while driving. It only takes a moment for something to go wrong and lives to be changed forever. Thank you for addressing this topic!

I know someone who (18 years old) had an accident ON AN OVERPASS because she was texting. Of course, she told the police that she lost control of her car. No one else was involved and she was not injured, thank God....and continues to text and drive. I was horrified when I heared this and quite mad. It really is equivalent to drunk driving.

So true, Lori! Thanks for the comment and for reading!

Stephanie, I agree. It is upsetting to hear such stories. Thank God the girl was not injured (or anyone else), but it sounds like she did not learn her lesson and is continuing to text while driving. It is people like her that make it dangerous for all of us on the roads. Thanks for your comment!

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Thanks! It certainly is important to be a defensive, alert driver.


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