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Monday, March 08, 2010


Thanks Anna! I was so concerned when it was bottles, but never checked my sippy cups! How silly is that! I checked, they're fine. Good to know, tho. Thanks for the info!

Not silly at all, Missy. We mamas have a zillion things on our minds at all times. Glad you found the post helpful.

I've been using BPA free since the craze... over a year at least.
I became more aware of it this year after watching Food Inc and then going down the path of food research (I'm crazy obsessed w/ it). Not only are our food cans lined w/ it, but our coke cans are too. Just about everything.

I am trying to make as many changes as possible and making more of my food from scratch to avoid cans (I have beans soaking at home now - making chili tomorrow w/ my first set of food from scratch...) We'll see.

Love where you're going w/ this.

Way to go, Dawn. It takes a lot of effort and dedication to make big changes in how and what one eats. Good luck! I hope your chili was tasty! Thanks for the support!

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