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Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Hi there!
Welcome to SITS, it's a great place to find loads of other bloggers.

I can't believe you really printed the most wanted list and checked your fellow passengers out - that is too funny! But I understand that sometimes doing something like that makes you feel a little less helpless. Other people probably thought you were behaving oddly looking at your bit of paper then checking everyone out - I'm sure it's not quite as comedy as I have it in my head!

Wow those are some rules for the pool - we never had anything like that when I was a kid. My parents stayed by the pool but I was just encouraged to get in the water and give it a try! I remember my sister and I having one arm band each as we learned to swim on holiday in the Canaries.

Although actually having a pool at your house must be a whole other story with so many stresses.

Have a lovely day,

Thanks for the comment, Jade. No, I think it probably was as comical as you are imagining. And I'm sure I did look suspicious!
I find that a common theme in my topics: when I was a kid we didn't have car seats; bike helmets, anti-entrapment drain covers, etc, etc, etc. I think that we are now more aware of safety concerns, and have more options and information available to us.
Thanks for reading!

Hi! Welcome to SITS, and THANK YOU for coming by my blog today! I am honored I was your first. :-)

I love all the pool info you have given. It is SOOOO important. I had a nephew that went to the bottom on my watch. He was maybe 2 1/2 and I had his 6 mo old sister in my arms when I saw him. Total panic. The apartment pool had people all around but no one saw him fall in and go to the bottom. And this was pre-cell phone days!! I got him out and he spit up a ton of water but was okay. Man, that was scary.

So I love your message of safety, you can never be too careful. And hey, I should totally print a FBI most wanted list to send to my clients I book on trips. HA! Too funny!

You are quite welcome! Isn't SITS great! Thanks for visiting. Thanks for sharing your pool story. Scary! So glad your nephew was OK! Yeah, yeah, yeah! I am sure your traveling clients would appreciate being armed with a Top Ten Most Wanted list! :)


I am visiting from SITS! I use to be a lifeguard so I am super vigilent at pools. It frustrates me when the hired lifeguards are too buys flirting to pay attention! This is a super serious job! But obviously you are the first person to keep your kids safe, cannot rely on teenagers with hormones.

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