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Wednesday, October 06, 2010


I think the first part of the analysis is definitely true for me.

I'm definitely more of a black and white when it comes to important issues I've considered, but I'm always willing to listen to other points of view. If I haven't considered the issue previously, I take a very systematic pro-con-pro approach and make up my mind.

In other words, if we're debating healthcare or some similar type of ridiculous black hole topic, then I'm all ears to hear what you have to say. If we're talking about decisions that solely affect me and my family, then I don't really care to ask for anyone else's opinion. So I don't. It doesn't concern them anyway.

If it comes down to making decisions about things (I planned my wedding myself, renovated and decorated one house and am in the procecss of the same for #2) then I don't really care as much ... it's just stuff and I trust my gut reaction as to whether I like something or not. We tend to take the fantasy football draft approach to those types of things in this house - 2 minutes per decision and move on. It works!


I am definitely a "gray" person. I agonize over decisionmaking until I work myself up to a lot of anxiety sometimes. I find it hard to stop the pro-con-pro-con-whatif cycle and often have to consciously stop and ask myself if this decision is worth the effort. Sometimes, it just doesn't really matter. And I do this about big and small things. (honey mustard or italian dressing? this new house or that new house?) I am definitely interested in the links about decisionmaking. It can be such a waste of time.

Jen and Bridgette,

Thank you for your comments. I can see it both ways: black and white and gray. As I wrote in the post, I definitely am a snap decision maker and also one who hems and haws over whether to do this or that, etc.

Bridgette, I hope you find the links helpful. I thought the sites offered good, helpful information. Although I would never actually employ software to help me make a decision, I do use lists and DH!

Thanks for your support!

Thanks for the info on the conference. It really looks wonderful and full of great information! Maybe I can make one in the future. You will have to let me know your impression afterward.
I'm not on twitter....yet....
Thanks for connecting!

Happy Birthday!

Thanks for the well wishes! It's not too late for Blissdom 2011, registration is just beginning. And yes, get on twitter, and tell me when you do, and I'll spread the word.


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