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Saturday, March 12, 2011


I stopped using my cell while driving when I read your first post on distracted driving and continue with this practice. As you do, I talk in parking lots before or after arriving somewhere or in the midst of my errands. It works well and I no longer even look to see who is calling if it rings while I am driving. Keep up the good work!

I do take your challenge. It is challenging for me at times, but I am working very hard to put my phone down and my eyes and all attention on the road. Thanks again for your writing. I too think of your research and writing many times while driving.

I always put my purse, with my phone in it, in the back seat so I'm not tempted to answer it while driving. However, I have not really talked to my kids about why I do it, which is something I need to start doing.
And for what it's worth, I don't think hands-free options are much safer!

I will take your challenge. I really made an effort for a while but I let talking on the phone creep back in. But with kiddos there are enough distractions without the phone too.

Ugh....totally convicted. We have a no talking on hand held law, and no texting law in MD. Yet, I find myself still making calls. I tried the head phones, but felt that was more dangerous. Every time the phone rang, I'd grope around for head set, plug in wire, put it on...meanwhile trying to see the road. Not wise. So, I find myself with hand held up to my ear. Here's the hard part for me...I homeschool my kids, so drive time usually is my free time when I am off by myself running errands. I dial down, process my to do list and begin to call making appointments, following up on missed calls, etc...
But, I'm hearing you. Your words are making a difference.

Really what we read(useful) sometimes suddenly gets clicked in our mind and stops us to do something wrong!Mobile phones are now one of the major cause if accidents!

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