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Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Wow. Great post Anna. Thank you for your open honest writing. My heart goes out to you. Reading the Seven Stages of Grief also helped me during this time of loss for myself. I will be with you in spirit on your road trip. Sounds like good medicine.

Sad indeed. I haven't experienced it but can imagine the difficulty. I hope the time away helps to ease the pain.

Yes, I have been through it before with close friends (and one of them had cheated on the other--total change of my view of character). I felt cheated on as well, and really hurt for the friend left behind. I hope the open road is your ticket to "acceptance and hope".

Powerfully honest! thanks for sharing.

OMG I did not know anything about it!! So sad, and as you correctly mentioned, when a person goes through a major loss, the first thing you lose is your mind. I lost my mom last year and even though I have already "let her go" the pain in my heart does not vanish, I learn how to live with it. Great post!

I'm really sad to hear this. Divorce is hard and I can't imagine being the one to make the decision or being the one affected by the decision. Hopefully your road trip will give perspective.


Thanks for the comment. And, of course, it's nothing like actually losing a loved one. I certainly don't mean to equate it to that. But it's true the stages of grief are the same regardless of what the loss is.

My thoughts are on you and your mom often - especially when we have her egg gravy recipe!
Thanks for your support.



Thanks for your comment. I appreciate the support of all the kind comments today!



Thanks for your comment and understanding. Isn't it funny how much someone else's relationship and the decisions made can have such an impact on others near the relationship. It may be trivial, but it does hurt me and all the other family members too.

Thanks for reading

Ah, Noemi! I now know how rarely you leave a comment, and I cherish this one! Thanks - it felt good to write and get out of my head and heart!

Thanks for reading!

Dear Scarlet - Sorry for you to find out here. Yes, indeed, it is very sad. & I'm sure that your the loss of your mom will never leave you. And, of course, that is much worse than this, but this loss still hurts us.

Thanks for reading! Love to your crew!

Thanks, Heidi! I am so surprised how much I have been impacted by their decision! I am really hopeful about my road trip!


I lost a sister in law last year. She was my brothers wife of ten years, and mother to my adorable 4 yr old niece. She found out about my brothers "indiscretions" a month before my wedding, which broke up my wedding party. Seven months later, when the dust settled, their divorce was final. Things are much better, stress levels are down, and both have moved on with other people. But what's left behind are those of us who still feel the loss. when she divorced my brother, I felt like a casualty. She is no longer my sister in law. She is my nieces mom. It's hard to swallow sometimes, since she's a great girl. The silver lining...I gained another wonderful sister in law...my new husbands sister...:)

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