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Tuesday, June 21, 2011


We do vaccinate. We had our first child vaccinated on the normal schedule, but before we had our second we had read a lot more about vaccinations. With our second, we decided to space them out more. Our pediatrician told me he would do the same if he had a baby now. They are requiring so many now and adding to it every year. My only problem is bombarding their little baby bodies with so much at one time. Our second son only gets one or two at a visit rather than 4 or 5. Some we have waited until he is a little older. We are happy with this choice.

Great topic. I bet you get lots of comments on this one. :)

We've followed the Dr. Sears schedule with the twins and followed it kind of loosely with Judah. I personally feel that vaccinations are important and eventually my kids will have them all. I just take issue with getting so many at once so we break it up even if it's a bit more inconvenient for us having to schlep everyone in every month that first year.

It's worked for us so far. Oddly enough, the vaccine that the Wakefield study points to as causing autism (MMR) is the one vaccine the twins still haven't had...both have autism. Our ped pushed it off until 2 and now every time we go to get it the boys are sick, so still no MMR for us (although we tried twice during the recent measles outbreak to get it, but no-go with sick kids).

The Slacker Mom

Thanks so much for your comment. I agree with you wholehearedly about the importance of vaccines and spreading them out too. Interesting about your twins too.

Thanks for reading!


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