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Tuesday, October 18, 2011


All 3 of my boys had the calcium deposits on theri hearts, all three of them fine. Like you, I was assured that it was found quite often and usually works itself out by birth.

With the twins I had upwards of 20 ultrasounds because they shared a placenta and they were keeping close watch to see if any TTTS developed. It didn't thankfully, and by US number 12 I was ready to be done with them! With Judah I had 2 and I was fine with that. I'm not the mom who wants to run to the nearest 3D US store and invite my family to watch the big reveal.

A friend of mine gave birth to her son this morning, he was stillborn at 37 weeks. She had no complications. I think we totally take for granted that babies will be born healthy and even that they will be born alive.

Technology can't stop everything from happening, but it can help a lot of things.

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