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Friday, January 06, 2012


One has to look no further than the entitle-ests (not really a word I guess) who DEMAND high paying jobs and great benefits all the while destroying property, showing little to no respect to authority and insisting that they deserve (just by breathing air) to make more than doctors, nurses, public servants, military, etc. who take care of us while we're sick and are sworn to protect us. Generation E (for entitled) is to blame. Sorry. That's my opinion and now I'll get off my box;))

Wow. Not sure what to say. Haven't heard this much negativity from your posts. I only agree somewhat as I still feel hard work and a fierce professional drive CAN get you further in your career (my husband). I also have a friend who was layed off and unemployed for 14 months and just landed his "dream job". He never gave up and kept searching and fighting. I work in non profit and we might be "old school" but jobs are a-plenty and so many np employers are desperate for hard working passionate people to help "fill the gap". I don't disagree that our economy is grim and outlook is bad but lashing out and raging against the machine won't get you anywhere. My two cents.

Hmmmm. Well, my point may have been missed. I'm neither saying one is entitled to anything nor that there are no jobs to be had.

I am saying that it's rare these days to work up the ladder to the top or have an in-person meeting or a get the chance to prove that one can do a particular job or start business from scratch without luck, connections and/or wealth.

Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts!

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