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Thursday, May 03, 2012


You can do it!

The only way you can pull it off though I think is to just set a flat rate, "everything costs $5" sort of approach.

Give the boys a choice "You can keep this toy or that toy but not both" they will pick the one they want. In theory you could get through half the toys that way without much complaint. Pick two different toys each time. Or do more of a cage match where the winning toy keeps going up against a different toy until the competition is gone. (Pick 10 toys for the cage match, it gets narrowed down to one, or 5 or whatever amount seems reasonable).

I have never done a garage sale, that I can remember anyway. Personally, I wouldn't want the kids there, they will jump back into the "I want to keep that" everytime a buyer picks it up. It will drive the buyer away (or it will make the buyer feel bad) both of which are no good.

Get rid of the stuff that hasn't been played with for months, get rid of stuff that is clearly out of their age range (chew toys, baby toys), anything broken is an easy one.

Good luck!

I've never had one, but I want to. I'm always put off by quite how much work it entails. I hope this quick impromptu one went well for you maybe I'll try to do one myself!

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