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Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Oh, deae Anna. Welcome to the club. I worked with a child psuchologisat who used to spew all range of intellectual theories and counsel for parents of challenging children (I.2. Mst of them). After she'd had 2 of her own, she told her patients that most of it was "just a stage and they'll grow out of it." Patience, keep the faith. Underneath it all they like/love you. Their little brains are racing. Music might be a good way to relax for them + for you (affirming songs) and teach the concepts you're hoping fo w/the boys. Been there, done that w/girls. Take walks,breathe deep (yoga anyone?) take c/o yourself. Merry Christmas!

I HEAR YOU. And thank you for being brave enough to say it. Oftentimes lately I don't like my kiddo - nor she me - and we're stuck in that same place you are. Love her to bits but... Ugh. So I have no words of wisdom but honey? I can commiserate.

I can completely relate! There are days I am tempted to take back all the toys we bought these selfish boys of ours just to teach them a lesson. It must be the time of year. Thanks for speaking the truth! You are not alone...

What an honest and raw post, I love it! I think you've said what so many women/moms want to say, but don't have the guts to! Kids are amazing, I'm so glad that I have them - but at the same time, they make me want to run away screaming sometimes too! I know you said you're not one to read parenting books, but I just read a great one (if you're interested). It's called “Teaching Kids to Be Good People” by Annie Fox, M.Ed. You can check her and the book out on the website http://www.anniefox.com/. It’s a wonderful read and I’d recommend it to anyone. Thanks again for the post, it really made my night!

Hey Anna, props to you for being real. This post was definitely worth the read (high praise for any blog!) You've got a great sense of humor and as a mom whose two "darlings" are all grown up), your ability to step back and appreciate the "craziness" will be a gift that keeps on giving. Here's a blog I wrote a while back about dealing with annoyance/frustration. It's called "I Don't Want To Be Here!" http://blog.anniefox.com/2009/06/18/days-10-i-dont-want-to-be-here/ I think you might enjoy it. I sure enjoyed reading yours!

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