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Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Anna- I aggree that eating no gluten or low gluten enegizes body by really helping your digestive system work better. HOwever I would be careful with cutting the gluten all together. Gluten in its natural form is actually good for you. For example, Barley has gluten but it is such a good grain for you in so many ways. Through our research Nuri and I learned that when making bread or some other products with gluten the companies actually ADD gluten powder to their bread or product to make the item's shelf life longer. Obviously these products are causing a lot of health/digestive problems. Another good point is the gluten from wheat seems to be biggest problem since Wheat has been genetically modified for over 50 years now. I also had an issue that it is really hard both gluten free and organic products. Most gluten free products are only natural and they use lots of corn ingreadience which if not organic then most likely GMO. So good luck with your new journey but watch out.

Wow, Anna, I had no idea. That is a big step. We eat plenty of gluten around here but I also cook constantly from my favorite author/cook who is completely Paleo. We aren't Paleo but we eat Paleo dinners all the time. Her name is Sarah Fragoso and her cookbooks are Everyday Paleo. I love the Family Cookbook. You can make your own BBQ sauce, soup base, and the Pablano Sweet Potatoes are TO DIE FOR!! Check it out.

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