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Monday, March 25, 2013


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You're right, we're not agreeing on this one. If you wanted to separate these posts into three different ones, where the boys are to blame for the rape, the girl is to blame for her passing out and having a hangover, and the friends are to blame for not stepping in when they should, then I would have no problems with your post, because I do believe in personal responsibility. However, when you put her choices in the same post as what happened to her, you are making her drunken state the cause of the rape...and that connection needs to be severed. It shouldn't matter that she was incapacitated. If her attackers had been gentlemen, they would have found a place for her to rest, covered her up, called a parent or friend to take her home. Are the incidents related? Of course they are, because her choices left her easy prey. But we cannot allow her choices to lie anywhere in the realm of blame for what happened to her. Otherwise, part of the blame will always be put upon the victim, and that is just plain wrong.

I also can't agree with placing blame on the victim. By all accounts, video, etc., her state of "drunkenness" appeared more like "drugged", and while no evidence has been publicly released to that end, I have a hard time believing someone gets and remains THAT "drunk" for that amount of time. Having been roofied, I know that it creeps up on you, hits you hard, and you are out for quite an amount of time.

Here's my story and my take on the incident: http://onedayfrom.blogspot.com/2013/03/steubenville-rapesolitary-incident-or.html

As I read the stories, it makes me sad to see she had no girlfriends watching her back? What happened to our responsibilities as women to look out for one another? I would have never gone to a party alone. You should always bring a friend to watch each other's back.

When I go out with my girls, we always pick one out of the group who doesn't drink as much. That way, there's always someone with a clear head. We never leave each other's site. We even pair up to go to the bathroom. We show up together, we leave together.
After watching 'What Would You Do' and see that people have even been dragged out drunk, you can't ever be too careful!

I hope this girl is able to heal.

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